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Hello HiyaHiyas!!

By Joanne

My current knitting project is a smock top for me using a King Cole pattern and some of their ‘Moods’ yarn and hopefully I will like it when it is finished. I have a habit of enjoying the knitting or learning the technique but not liking the garment on me when it’s complete!

I have finished the main knitting of the front and back so last night it was time to sew up the shoulder and pick up the 250ish stitches around the neck. The sewing up was easy – there are only 11 stitches across the shoulders so that didn’t take long! Needing a 3.25mm needle to pick up the stitches I thought this was the ideal opportunity to try out my new Hiya Hiya 5” Sharps, so I undid my lovely new needle case and selected the tips and the longest cable and put them together.

The first thing I noticed was how well they screwed together, the screw thread was smooth and having the smooth part at the bottom of the screw bit just made the join seem very solid. The cables swivel at the point where the cable meets the metal join – genius – no more twisting cords!! So armed with my new tools I set to work on my marathon of picking up stitches. The sharps are pretty sharp – and were ideal for selecting where to put the next stitch in my border. While working with them I also noticed how light they are compared to my Addi lace fixed circular needles, as the garment is now pretty heavy it made a huge difference to the weight on my hands and made working the stitches an absolute joy.

I did pick up all the stitches and have worked all the neck border and cast that off. Tonight I shall complete the armholes and then will just have the sides to seam. My aim is to wear it to our Crafty Gathering at Frollies on Wednesday evening - I’ll let you know if I do! I need to find another project now so I can use my Hiya Hiya’s again!

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Anne-Claire Holland-Jakobi |
RE: Hello HiyaHiyas!!
I have the same problem of not liking a garment once I've finished knitting it. Perhaps it would be worth starting up a Swop Shop so that knitters can exchange their no-longer-loved creations.
I tried out the Hiya Hiya needles recently and they knit wonderfully smoothly. I already have a full set of the Knit Pro needles, but the yarn often snags either on parts of the coloured wood which sometimes peels away, or at the cable to needle join, which often comes loose. I'm going to start saving my pennies so that I can buy a set of Hiya Hiyas.
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