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Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

We had just taken a delivery of the Schoeller + Stahl Big Ball Yarn and before it was even in the stock room Jo was knitting herself a scarf! Below is the pattern that she created. It makes a scarf that is 170cm x 17cm approx. The end result is a lovely long cosy scarf that's perfect for the school run on chilly days. This is a quick knit and suitable for all levels of knitters.


Uses 1 ball of Schoeller + Stahl Big Ball (200g)

12mm needles.


Cast on 13 stitches

Foundation row:

Knit 1, (knit 1, yfwd, sl1pw) rep 5 times to last 2 stitches and knit both.


1st row:

Knit 1, (yfwd, sl1pw, k2tog*) repeat 5 times then yfwd, sl1pw, k1


2nd Row:

Knit 1 (k2tog*, yfwd, sl1pw) repeat 5 times then k2tog*, k1


Continue knitting rows 1 and 2 until there is just enough yarn left to cast off.  Cast off and sew in ends.

Alternatives:  Increase the stitch count by 2 or 4 to make a wider but shorter scarf, add tassels in a matching or contrasting colour or knit the scarf a shorter length and use the remaining yarn to make tassels.



Yfwd – bring yarn to front of needle as if to purl

Sl1pw – slip the stitch purlwise

Take yarn over the needle to then:

K2tog* - this is the yfwd and the purlwise slipped stitch from the previous row.


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