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Our James C Brett Marble DK Family Knits

Our James C Brett Marble DK Family Knits

Our son was about 18 months old when his Nanna made him his first hoodie from James C Brett Marble DK and he practically lived in it until he out grew it.  The pattern was by Sirdar but I think its out of print now though there are other similar ones available.

In the blue and taupe colourway (MT2) with little toggle buttons he was recognisable at all the toddler groups we went to and it was just the right weight to wear in car seats without being too warm and bulky like a coat.  It was a sad day when we had to retire the jacket, but.... Nanna came to the rescue and made him another, again in Brett’s Marble DK, this time in black, white and grey (MT1), only modifying the pattern to increase the length as he is a tall boy with a long back!  Our boy had his hoodie back!!

Both little jackets have been well used and washed numerous times and still look and feel good today, they currently live in my ‘must keep’ box to pass on to his children when the time comes.


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