Frilly Ruffle Scarf Yarn

Frilly and Ruffle scarf yarn has been immensely popular again this season. We carry two yarns from Schoeller + Stahl that have really captured the imaginations of knitters.

Tonia knits similar to Katia's Triana but with a smaller web. A single ball will make one scarf which can normally be knitted in an evening. We've knitted about 50 scarfs this winter using this yarn so can wholeheartedly recommend it based on personal experience.

Talisa has a smaller ruffle and produces a scarf that appears "fluffier" and is a bit warmer to wear during the cold months. Takes a little bit longer to knit compared to Tonia but we would still class this as a quick knit that is suitable for both beginner and experienced knitters alike. We also think that Talisa is suitable for cosy cushion covers.

Both of these scarf yarns are available at great prices and in a variety of shades. Click on the links below to see further details on each. Both of these yarns include free scarf knitting instructions on the inside of the ball band

Ruffle Scarf Knitted In Tonia Scarf Knitted In Talisa

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Great value acrylic ruffle / can-can scarf yarn from Schoeller + Stahl

100g balls available in 28 shades