Schoeller + Stahl Sock Stop

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Apply to the bottom of your knitted socks or slippers to reduce slipping and provide better grip. Washable to 40c, do not tumble dry

How to apply

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the shape of the foot and insert in the sock, this separates the top and bottom of the sock so the resin does not stick it together. Cut off the tip of the applicator nozzle and carefully apply a thin layer of the sock stop to the outside of the sole of your sock in whatever pattern you choose, allow to dry and repeat until happy with the appearance and gripability. Typically takes 10 to 12 hours to completely dry and usually 1 or 2 applications depending on the thickness required and applied.


Practice applying the resin on an old t-shirt or piece of paper to avoid getting too much on to start with. When finished with clean the applicator nozzle thoroughly and carefully in water (I find a cocktail stick or unravelled paperclip helps) and screw on tightly, replace cap tightly to prevent air from drying the product out.

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