King Cole 9147 Knitting Pattern Christmas Sleepy Santa Wreath in Tinsel Chunky and Glitz DK

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Measurements: Wreath - 35cm / 13.75" Santa - 30cm / 12"


Sleepy Santa Wreath

Measurements35cm / 13.75"
King Cole Tinsel Chunky 50g - Emerald (216)1
King Cole Glitz DK 100g - Navy (3274)1
King Cole Glitz DK 100g - Diamond White (483)1
King Cole Glitz DK 100g - Merlot (3389)1
King Cole Glitz DK 100g - Jet (480)1
King Cole Big Value DK 50g - Koala (4024)1
King Cole Dollymix DK 25g - Blush (149)1
3.25mm DPN's. Removable stitch markers, stitch holders, polystyrene wreath 35cm in diameter, 1cm googly sew in eyes (optional) and toy stuffing.


Things You Need To Know

Needles & Hooks3.25mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm Knitting Needles
Yarn WeightDK, Chunky







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